Meet The Staff

Our kind and welcoming staff is experienced in dental and oral and maxillofacial surgery and provides professional and caring services to all our patients. We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed in our office and will assist you from your initial consultation with Dr. Hishmeh, through your treatment and follow-up visits. We offer you a safe and relaxing atmosphere in which you can explain your issues and concerns and have your questions answered to the best of our ability. We view you as an individual and that is our focus while you are our patient and under our care. All our staff pursue professional education on a regular basis ranging from HIPPA privacy requirement updates to clinical OSHA infection-control through electronic medical records implementation and reporting.
Mary: A long-time resident of Maryland, Mary holds both undergraduate and masters degrees and has managed the office for Dr. Hishmeh for more than thirty-three years. Mary is responsible for all aspects of managing both the Silver Spring and Clarksville offices as well as assisting with treatment planning, scheduling and account management. Mary is CPR certified.
Diane: As our senior surgical assistant Diane  has been with our office for more than twenty-two years. In addition to her clinical duties, Diane schedules our hospital cases and reviews with you our pre-and-post operative surgical instructions. Diane is X-Ray and CPR certified in the State of Maryland. Diane also oversees our newer surgical assistants.
Terez: Terez is frequently the first person you meet in our office. Terez is a native New Yorker and after graduating from college in upstate New York, she joined our team more than fifteen  years ago. Terez will help you schedule your appointments and will assist you with your insurance coordination. Terez is CPR certified.